Amateur blonde interracial: drunk wife.

My wifes first black came about kinda by chance. She had gotten comfortable with me sharing her. We were at a party one time and she had gone off with the host. I found them in his bedroom. When he saw me standing in the doorway he got off the bed.

Amateur blonde interracial

Amateur blonde interracial

She stayed and I was horny knowing that she had just been fucked so I got undressed and fucked her too. He left the door open and I was too drunk to care. A few people looked in on their way to the bathroom. One of the guests, a black guy, leaned against the doorway and watched us. I put on a good show for him. She seemed like she was getting ready to cum. She was really getting into me fucking her. I looked at the black guy and nodded to him to take my place. He was more than happy to. I waited for him to get undressed and unlike a lot of the big black cock stories you always seem to read his cock might have been around six inches. Her eyes were closed and I tried to make the transition between us as smooth as possible. He was hard and ready to go. When I got off the bed she opened her eyes as the black guy who I never did get his name got on the bed. She mumbled “no” and started to get up but she was too drunk and he was too horny to be denied. She surrendered and relaxed and let him fuck her. It didn’t take him long to cum.

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