Interracial sex cuckold story.

My wife of 15 years loves to fuck well hung black guys and I like to watch and clean up afterward. Kate had been fucking other guys, mostly friends of mine, for a couple of years when we first talked about her fucking a black guy.
We were both excited about the prospect of exploring something so taboo. I had to go on a business trip to Detroit so I invited Kate to go along. When I returned from my business meetings it was early evening and Kate was not in our room. I decided to look for her in the bar.

Interracial sex cuckold story

Interracial sex cuckold story

When I enterd the bar, Kate was sitting with a large group of black people. It was a birthday party for someone, and they noticed that Kate was alone, so they invited her to join their party. Kate looked stunning in her short white summer dress and high heels.
As the crowd thinned out, it ended up being Kate and I talking with two of the black guys. Kate asked me to escort her to the ladies room and while we were away from the table, she told me that she couldn’t decide which guy to pick. I told her to invite both guys back to our room.
Both guys accepted. When we got back to the room, Kate offered to show us the new top she had purchased at the mall that afternoon. She stepped into the bathroom to change and when she re-entered the room she was only wearing a see-through top and thong panties. Kate walked over to where the two black guys were sitting and did a slow turn, allowing them to get a good look at her fine body.
Each of the black guys reached out and started feeling her smooth skin. Kate kissed each of them passionately and pulled one of them over to the bed with her. The other guy and I were just watching his buddy and my wife. After the first guy finished, Kate invited the second guy to join her.
After each of the guys had fucked my wife, Kate got on her knees in front of the first guy and started sucking his cock. She knew that I would enjoy watching her do this. I thought that she was just trying to get him hard so that she could fuck him again, but she just kept sucking him until he came in her mouth.
Kate walked over and kissed me and asked me if I had enjoyed watching the guy cum in her mouth. I kissed her back and told her that I had enjoyed it. She then got on her knees in front of the other guy and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. I loved it when she kissed me again in front of the guys.
One of the guys had to work early so he left, but the other guy stayed and fucked Kate for about another hour. Since that first time, my wife has been hot for black cock. She has several black lovers. One black friend of ours has been fucking her for 12 years now.
I love to lick a black guy’s cum out of Kate while the guy watches. I have sucked the cock of a few of her black lovers. I really enjoy being out in oublic and watching Kate flirt with black guys in front of me. I also love other people knowing that my wife loves black cock.

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  1. great story. you’re a lucky man!