Sexy interracial cuckold wife.

Just from outward physical appearances, my wife and I could possibly be viewed as a cuckold couple or at least a couple with cuckold potential. She is a 5′ 10″ tall(6′ 2″ in heels), busty, sexy-looking, loud and proud amazon lady, while I am a small 5′ 7″ passive man who wears glasses. Underneath our exterior is a hot, sexually, and physically dominant wife who at times needs something quite a bit more in the bedroom than her submissive and voyeuristic little husband with his 4.5 inch endowment can offer.

Sexy interracial cuckold wife

Sexy interracial cuckold wife

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One Response to “Sexy interracial cuckold wife.”

  1. Great photos I loved every moment of it and appreciate all the excitement and humiliation you must have felt. You are indeed fortunate to have each other!