Sissy cuckold interracial.

I don’t know if a lot of you have to do this, but when my wife is travelling and her lover is in need, I have to replace her. It is especially humiliating when her black lover comes over and says he just spoke to his lover and she told him that her husband is a decent replacement. I’ve had to suck his black cock and ultimately spend the night in bed with him letting him fuck me from behind.

Sissy cuckold interracial

Sissy cuckold interracial

The mornings are always the worst. His piss erection has to be relieved and he’ll only accept a morning blow job. At least he’s never made me into his toilet. Anyone else ever have to be his bitch while his woman is away?

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One Response to “Sissy cuckold interracial.”

  1. Oh you are so lucky, not only do you have a very attractive wife who still likes sex at our age, you are also living the secret fantasy of many of us older married white guys and that is to watch his woman get pounded by superior black cock and at times do the nasty dirty work yourself if ordered by a sexy woman like your wife.

    I think it’s awesome you found a bull who not only does your wife but like you say allows you to be her substitute when needed. Wish I could trade places with you for a month. I’m pretty sure my virgin ass could take it but the only thing I want to know is how big are his bull loads that you must swallow?