My fantasy is. . .

My fantasy is to go off for a weekend with the wife. We’d go down to the hotel bar and part ways. I’d watch her from a distance while she sips a martini at the bar alone. Of course her being alone doesn’t last pretty long and an attractive black man comes and hits on her. They flirt, his hand on her thigh, hers on his arm. They laugh a bit and then she turns and points at me.

hot interracial cuckold fantasy

my interracial cuckold fantasy

He looks and chuckles and waves. Next thing I know the waitress brings me a Strawberry Daiquiri and tells me “it’s from the gentleman over with my wife.”
They continue to flirt for a bit, she’s had a few more martinis and he’s really turning it on. She’s tossing her hair and all giving all the signs to him. Of course I’m hard as a rock watching all this go down. After what seems like forever she calls me over. She doesn’t say anything and he speaks up.
“Your wife tells me you want to see her fuck another man, is this true?”
“Yes,” I answer with a lump in my throat. I can’t look him in the eye, my cheeks are burning and I feel humiliated.
“Here’s how it’s going to go down. I’m going to take your wife up to your room, and you’re going to stay down here. You can pay the bar tab. Give us some time to get to know each other, and then you can come up.”
He was talking loud enough for the bartender and anybody in the area to hear. He takes her by her hand, she gets off of the barstool and gives me a kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks honey, see you soon!” she says with a wicked smile.
The bartender doesn’t say anything, but is smirking at me as he gives me the bill. I pay, head in a fog, and head towards the elevator. I go up to the room, but wait at the door. I try and hear if I can hear anything, but alas no. I look at my watch, and 5 minutes have passed since they left.
I decide it’s too soon and wait for another five minutes, at the door. A couple passes me in the hallway and give me a funny look, as I’m leaning against the alcove wall next to the door. I try to muster a smile, but look away.
I watch the seconds tick down on my watch, and go to open the door. As I walk in and turn the corner into the main room, I see my wife, blouse open, laying on the bed. Her new friend, laying beside, yet over her as they kid. His hand on her inner thigh.
He stops and says “Your wife says you want to be a little chickboy. Is this true?”
“Yes” I stammer.
“Take off your clothes” he orders and goes back to kissing my wife, her arms around him.
I take off my clothes, my penis sticking out, but I stand in the same spot,paralyzed with the churn of jealousy and arousal.
“Come here and remove her clothes”
They don’t seem to notice me as I take off her shoes and pants. I leave her panties on and start to kiss her around her panties. I’ve never seen her so wet with anticipation and with such a smell of arousal.
I’m surprised when I feel my hair yanked from behind, his powerful hands pulling my head back.
“You’ve given that up for now, you can do that when I’m done, if she wants. Take off her panties and put them on.”
I start to object and she speaks up, finally “Do it chickboy, you know you want to. Show him what a sissy you are.”
My head is spinning, I feel like my head is in the clouds, I can’t think straight. I peel off her panties and pull them up my legs. I feel their wetness stickiness up against me.
“Now take off my pants” he says as they go back to kissing, now with his hand farther up her thigh, as she spreads her legs to give him access. As he’s bending over somewhat sideways, it’s hard for me to unbutton his pants, but I accidentally brush up against his dick and it feels huge. I pull his pants down and he’s wearing boxer-briefs that clearly outline his cock and it’s impressive.
I go to pull down his underwear and he stops and says “I know you want to suck my cock bitch, but your wife gets to do that first.” I stop and move back and he lays back.
She takes off her top, and starts rubbing his cock through his underwear.
“It’s so big!” she says.
She turns to me and gives me a dirty look and says “You wanted this.”
She pulls the waistband down, pulling out his cock and takes it into his mouth while looking me in the eye. After what seems like forever but actually was only thirty seconds, she turns all her attention to his cock. She’s like a woman possessed, taking as much as she can of his massive tool in her mouth.
He peels of his shirt showing off his ripped chest and abs and her hands rub over his 6-pack while she bobs on his cock. She seems to lose patience with this and moves up, straddling him. I see her hand go down and grab his cock and rubs it up and down her opening. In what seems like a blur I watch her slide down on his cock in one movement. While she’s often tight even for my small cock, she takes it all as I see his balls against her ass. She gasps as she slides up and down on it a few times before coming to rest on it and rotates her hips in a circle. His hands come around and grab her ass.
I kneel at the end of the bed, watching his cock go in and out, wondering what she is feeling, thinking, what the ramifications of this will be. I move around to see her in the face and she’s intently looking at him as she rides his cock, hands on his pecs.
“You were right” she says to me, “you can’t fill me this way. ” She sees me stroking my cock and says “no, stop, this is for me, not for you, you can’t cum.” This is the only thing she says to me for the next hour as they have sex in many different positions, slow and passionate, hard and fast. When they’re done he gets up and gets dressed, she lays on the bed and is spent.
She tells me to go run her a bath and they kiss again. He takes out his card and leaves it with her. He smacks my ass and says “Your wife’s a good fuck, careful or you’re going to lose her.”
When he leaves the room, I beg her to sit on my face while I jack off. She says “That’s it? You don’t want to know how it was? You don’t want to fuck your wife to? Good because he fucked my good and I’m sore. Get me clean panties and I’ll let you smell me only.”
I beg her to let me clean her pussy and she called me a faggot. She put her panties on as I hand them to her and tells me to lay down, I do and she straddles my face. Her new panties are already wet with their mixed cum. I lick at her panties, trying to use my nose to move them aside.
She tells me it was awesome, that my little dick won’t satisfy her and that my fucked up desires keep me from being a man she wants to give herself to. I get my tongue in her pussy and I start to stroke my penis. She grabs my nipples and twists them, telling me to hurry up and cum so she can take a bath. With that I do, and she smacks my balls hard, gets up and goes to her bath.
I’m left laying on the bed, head swimming, wondering what’s to come.

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2 Responses to “My fantasy is. . .”

  1. The funny thing is I saw the first pic and thought “He’s got a big dick for a white guy”. I guess we have different expectations between black and white. You see a four or five inch white cock and think it’s impressive.

  2. I have a 7inch cock. Text me and I can send a picture