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My fantasy is to have the Bull fuck my wife so she gets off. When she’s finally satisified, the Bull will fuck me so he gets off. Then after i’ve cleaned them up, i leave the room and go jerk off in the bathroom while the Bull holds my wife in his big arms as they kiss and cuddle until He decides to leave.


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4 Responses to “Hot slutwife.”

  1. She looks like she would be a good a Slut! She likes showing her pussy. That would be fun to watch!

  2. What a beutifula and sexy wife you have! I hoep she goes black and cuckolds you good. Would she consider being black bred?

  3. Christine R Brehm 08. Sep, 2010 at 4:40 am

    take her to Hawaii, that Pussy will open up for that Deep Black-Seed.

  4. HOT,,that Black Seed will be so DEEP,,her eye sockets will be Lubricated.Real Thing PLEASE.That Hawaii trip is on.