My cuckold story for you

My wife who is 20 yrs younger than me has started teasing me in a daughterly way. she lets the word “daddy” slip sometimes when shes addressing me. last night she called after work and said she was going to be a few mins lats as she was going over to a co-workers house for a drink. she was only supposed to be maybe 30 mins late. after 3 hrs when she walked in the house i could tell what had happened. her hair was all messed up and she wasnt wearing a bra cuckold story
she came in and closed the dorr and leaned back against it. i could see it in her eyes. then i looked down and saw a HUGE wetspot on the front of her shorts that extended all the way back and halfway up her ass. the first words out of her mouth were “god my cunt hurts daddy”. i cant imagine what my face looked like but i know my little cock got as hard as a rock. it turns out the girl friend that she went home with is black and her brother showedd up
while my wife was over there. she said he was an ebony adonis. with a cock to match. she said it was at least as wide as a cigarette pack. i knelt down in front of her and started licking the outside of her shorts. the smell was overpowering. i couldnt get enough of it. then she told me to take her shorts and panties off so i could be a good daddy and kiss her cunt to make it feel better. I pulled them off. you should have seen how much cum there was on her entire crotch. it was everywhere. i gently licked all around her sore pussy. it was a deep red color from being pounded and stretched so much.

I couldnt believe how much i was turned on by the scenario. i had to pull my little cock out of my pants and panties and start jerking off. its so small though that it barely sticks out of my pants. shes a good wife though. she lets me masturbate all i want since my cock isnt any good to her anyway. just for laughs mostly.

as i was licking her she said he had fucked her twice. they must have been huge loads each time because i was still getting some cum out of her pussy as she stood there. she said “i hope im not pregnant daddy” and that did it. my cum dribbled out of my cock onto the floor. she was tired so after i had cleaned her up pretty good we went to bed. i put a fresh pair of panties on her and after putting on my babydoll, bra and panties i curled up behind her in
the spoon position. as i layed there and flet her fall to sleep i imagined that hot black cum wrigging up inside her and making a baby. i could tell i still hadnt gotten it all as there was another wet spot growing on her panties that i could feel on my leg. I was the happiest cuck daddy in the workld then. I hope it continues.

does anyone else share these fantasies?

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