First Experience with a Black Gentleman our sex story

First Experience with a Black Gentleman our sex story. We were anticipating a grand adventure with great expectation. My NawTGirl, whom I cherish beyond belief was going to experience her first sexual encounter with a Black gentleman. I was almost as excited as she was. She’s 50. Our Black Knight was only 36. From Internet pictures we knew he was nice looking. We had been chatting with this Dark Delicacy for a couple weeks and finally settled on a day, a time and a place. Initially we had thought we would want to take this adventure to a motel or hotel. My Voluptuous Vivacious Vixen convinced me to change “our” minds and we would entertain this Bronze Bucking Bronco in our home. I had set up and prepared the family room for a variety of potential “scenarios” as we didn’t know what fantasies would end up on the menu. There was no need to “seduce” My Deliciously Deviate Diva (DDD – and they are DDD) to participate. She was getting moist just thinking about this Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl mixture. And what would be our Mr. Studly Do-Rights reward? To make love to My Bodaciously Beautiful Buxom Blond Bombshell. I could offer him nothing more valuable.

The day came. The evening came. We had an absolutely marvelous experience. We met our Black gentleman, a very handsome looking fellow I might add, for dinner that evening in a very public restaurant and had typical conversation. My “cue” to start things in motion from my Angel was “Honey, did you bring the directions?” Meaning she desired to proceed with the plans for the evening. I gave him directions to our home. We had left an hour for us together, privately to make any final preparations. He was prompt. Small talk ensued and then we headed to the family room where we imbibed a bit to relax everyone. We have a retired 8′ banquet table we had set up with a couple layers of foam mattress padding and a queen sized “throw” over that and then a chaise lounge cushion. This allowed for elevating her entire torso and a solid foundation for his knees on a somewhat lower level thus “lifting” her abdominal area and putting her in an extremely vulnerable position. Everything worked marvelously and it made a very attractive presentation.

Small talk continued at the bar, it seemed like forever…but we were all getting comfortable and at ease with each other. I finally positioned myself behind my Busting Out Beauty and reached around and started caressing her big beautiful bodacious buxom breasts. She immediately showed pleasure and our BBC guest, sitting on another bar stool in front of her, began touching her at the knees and very slowly moving his hand up her thigh. She reached down and gave him an approving stroke on his wrist. She seductively slides a bit forward on her bar stool to improve access to her pleasure pasture and we were on our way.

As I was caressing her breasts my head was right next to her head and her ear and I continued a diatribe of encouraging utterances, telling her how beautiful she was, how sexy she was, how desirable she was, how much I loved her, how much I wanted her to cum. And cum she did…right there at the bar, on the barstool. “Wow!” I said to myself, “This is really working.” She enthusiastically removed her clothes with our assistance and then she suggested we move to someplace more comfortable. The table worked magic. It put this curvaceous creature “on stage” as it were, displayed, raised and available with easy access from all sides and for both of us or everyone or anyone, to see and participate. It made her the “star performer” so-to-speak.

Our Bronze Buck was a sight to behold. I am not in the habit of complimenting males on their physique but he was well honed, broad shouldered and chiseled. VERY nice looking. With My, I mean “Our” Precious Princess now reclined on her back and in that most vulnerable position previously mentioned I was again at her head encouraging her with upbeat and positive messages while he approached her southern region with loving caresses and eventually burying his clean shaven face in her incredible love nest. Her approval was evident immediately; she was well oiled, greased and lubed. She was ready and she was hungry. As I attended to everything above her waist he did a masterful job of orally attending to her luscious vaginal valley. We lost track, but she came several times causing her to tremble and gasp for air in a highly accelerated manner. All during this I am continuously asking her if she is “OK” with this and if she desires to continue. She answered in the affirmative each and every time.

After a few moments to catch our collective breaths, our Mr. Black Stallion Beauty lifts his torso up to kneeling and I got my first real look at his stunningly well-formed, huge Chocolate Baton. My thought? “Wow! He is so gifted.” He positioned his massive throbbing black mast manhood over her hungry love canal and slowly lowered himself into the darkness of her moist and quivering Kumquat Twat. She shrieked, “Oh My God” as the thrusting began. The noise level became almost deafening as she uttered expletives one after another. I surrendered her breasts to our now intimately connected guest, as he was now in a position to appreciate her marvelous 38DDD mammary glands himself. It is impossible to describe the pure orgasmic sex that was escaping from every pore. Passionate sex, hot and steamy sex, vulgar sex, fervent, frantic, ferocious sex. It was mind-blowing. Unbelievable. Incredible. Extraordinary.

To say that all our players were totally and completely expended would be an understatement. The sweat dripping and the gasping for air to once again balance oxygen-need with oxygen-available was evidence this miss-adventure could be described no other way than a colossal “success.” After some minimal cleansing we were again at the bar, relaxing, refreshed, revitalized and ready…. ready for a rest.

Our new found dark skinned almost family member and best friend, this hunk of massive chocolate masculinity, our Bronze Orgasm Engineer, our Black Pile-Driving Love Thumper, our Colorfully Chiseled Thigh Splitter departed with a most appreciative look upon his face and we retired…to recuperate. What an evening. What an evening.

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