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How I discovered my cuckold yearnings

I have decided to write a post on this blog to help me sort out my desires and how I got here.

My journey of self discovery started when I met a woman (who I will call D.) at college that whose previous boyfriend had been Black. Something about knowing that her ex was Black turned me on tremendously, though I had no idea why. She was still friends with him (I will call him P.). In fact he still lived in the same apartment building), and introduced us. I felt an uneasiness, strangely submissive to this other man. I had (and actually have) no gay or bi leanings. Yet knowing that he had cum in my girlfriend before me made me feel a deference to him.
my ex girlfriend with her black lover
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Cuckold story for every visitor

Kyle and Lucy

Part 1

The true feelings of a cuckold couple

By Shirley & hubby

Kyle and Lucy White have been married for twelve years. Kyle, who is 36, runs his own used car business. Lucy, aged 32, had given up her career in nursing two years earlier to help her husband run his business. Joining the business was good for a while mainly due to Lucy’s stunning looks.

Lucy is 5′8″, 36DD-25-36, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that could melt the polar icecaps. With regular trips to the gym, she has maintained her tight and toned body. Lucy would always flirt with the male customers in the hope of a sale and it invariably worked. Kyle, who is well educated, is 5′9″, medium build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, with average looks and sporting a bit of a paunch. Lucy normally wears heels so she looks taller than Kyle and genuinely looks way out of his league.

Their relationship had always been based on equality. Any decisions that could affect them in any way were always talked through before a final action was decided upon. Kyle was the better in business, but Lucy was never afraid to stand up for herself. She would at times be the more dominant one in their marriage.

The business was taking a nosedive. Debts were mounting and because of inferior stock and the current economic climate, sales were becoming scarce. Without Lucy, the business would have already failed, but even though she kept sales coming in the business was a few thousand dollars in debt. Kyle needed a solution to save his business. He began looking back to when the business was successful looking for an answer to their problems and remembered one customer in particular. Read more…

Only I Love Interracial

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Magnificent blond girl like she is wouldn’t want to date guys who are not suitable for her. So she managed to find perfect black boyfriend and she goes out everywhere with him while her real husband sits and home and wanks
Beautiful interracial lovers

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It is obvious that this horny slut with hairy twat wants to be screwed like a dirty whore. She offers her well-used wet pussy to black lover and takes positions that allow the deepest penetration

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