Cuckold story for every visitor

Kyle and Lucy

Part 1

The true feelings of a cuckold couple

By Shirley & hubby

Kyle and Lucy White have been married for twelve years. Kyle, who is 36, runs his own used car business. Lucy, aged 32, had given up her career in nursing two years earlier to help her husband run his business. Joining the business was good for a while mainly due to Lucy’s stunning looks.

Lucy is 5′8″, 36DD-25-36, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that could melt the polar icecaps. With regular trips to the gym, she has maintained her tight and toned body. Lucy would always flirt with the male customers in the hope of a sale and it invariably worked. Kyle, who is well educated, is 5′9″, medium build, dark brown hair, brown eyes, with average looks and sporting a bit of a paunch. Lucy normally wears heels so she looks taller than Kyle and genuinely looks way out of his league.

Their relationship had always been based on equality. Any decisions that could affect them in any way were always talked through before a final action was decided upon. Kyle was the better in business, but Lucy was never afraid to stand up for herself. She would at times be the more dominant one in their marriage.

The business was taking a nosedive. Debts were mounting and because of inferior stock and the current economic climate, sales were becoming scarce. Without Lucy, the business would have already failed, but even though she kept sales coming in the business was a few thousand dollars in debt. Kyle needed a solution to save his business. He began looking back to when the business was successful looking for an answer to their problems and remembered one customer in particular.

Six months before Lucy joined the business, a man named Albert Macks came in one day. Albert was a huge black guy that was well over six feet tall and very muscular. He turned up with a voluptuous white woman on each arm. He was looking for a 4X4 and Kyle gave Albert a great deal on one. Albert was so impressed that he recommended Kyle to all of his associates that were looking for a car. Business was booming and during one of the sales Kyle found out that Albert was in fact a local pimp. Thinking nothing of it, Kyle was happy for the roaring trade, but the sales from Albert’s workforce stopped around the time Lucy joined the business. Kyle found out that Albert had become so successful that he and those that worked for him could afford brand new cars.

Kyle realised that the hookers that worked for Albert must be making way more than the average wage. Jokingly, on the drive home one evening he said to his wife,

“Maybe you should go on the game?”

Lucy smiled and laughed a little before humorously replying,

“How much do you think I could earn?”

“Enough to get us out of trouble”

The rest of the drive home was in silence because they both realised that a financial solution was available to them. Mixed emotions were an understatement. Once at home, the conversation continued and Kyle told his wife about Albert. Being a completely faithful wife, Lucy wasn’t so much confused at the thought of actually doing it, but more at the thought of why she would even consider it. A few insignificant thoughts of having an affair had crossed her mind over the years, but it wasn’t due to her husband’s thin 5 inch dick, it was down to the fact that he could never completely satisfy her. He would always finish right before she was about to cum explosively, leaving her with the female equivalent of a ruined orgasm.

Kyle, on the other hand, was baffled at why he would even think about his beautiful wife sleeping with other men. He suffered the jealousy, angst and the pain. He was honest enough with himself to know that it wasn’t just about the answer to their finances, it was something carnal. If nothing else, the daily subject of Lucy becoming a prostitute transformed their sex life and they had sex every night. The only problem, for Lucy, was that the thought of his sexy wife with another man was making Kyle cum even quicker.

A couple of weeks went by and Kyle had just finished going over the accounts for the business.

“Shit! The business owes just over $5,000. If we don’t do something soon, we’re going to lose the car lot.”

Nervously, Lucy said,

“I’ll only have to do it for a very short amount of time. Phone Albert before I change my mind”

Kyle went to the filing cabinet and pulled Albert’s file. After finding the number, Kyle sheepishly picked up the phone and dialled.

“Sorry, the number you have dialled is no longer in service”

Kyle gently put down the receiver, looked at his wife and said,

“He’s changed his number. I’ve got his address though. Do you want me to go to his house?”

“Okay, yes. But please hurry, I’m really anxious about this”

Kyle grabbed his keys, kissed Lucy and set off for Albert’s house. Lucy sat in the office alone panicking at the commitment she was agreeing to. Ten minutes after her husband had left, she picked up the phone to tell her husband to turn around and come back to the office, but something stopped her dialling. The thought of finally getting sexual satisfaction was just outweighing the financial benefits. An hour later, which seemed like an eternity for Lucy, Kyle returned. Walking into the office and shutting the door behind him, he blurted out,

“I asked him!”

The anticipation was too much and Lucy demanded,


“He said that he’d never been asked something like this before and didn’t feel comfortable knowing that he’d only have you working for him until you’d earned enough money to clear our debts. He was a little insulted and I kept apologising. He asked to see a picture of you so I showed him the one with you in the skin-tight dress off my phone. He downloaded a copy of it, printed it and said he’d let us know whether he’s interested or not”

Lucy, even though she was used to it, was disappointed at the anti-climax. She knew that she looked her absolute best in that picture and she couldn’t understand why Albert needed time to think about it. Three days had passed when the phone rang in the office. Thinking it was just a business call, Lucy picked up the phone while her husband watched.

“Hello, White’s Cars ……….Yes, speaking ………. Oh, hi there ………. Yes, if that’s okay with you ………. That can be arranged ………. Okay
………. Urm, how do you mean? ………. A test drive? ………. Er, okay. When? ………. Could we make that in one hour? ………. Okay, I can do that ………. I won’t ………. Thank you ………. Bye”

Biting her lip, Lucy turned to look at her husband. Looking flushed, she gulped before saying,

“That was Albert. He wants to see me at his house in thirty minutes for an interview”

Stunned, Kyle replied, “Shit, are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yes, give me the address, I need to leave now. I can’t be late”

Kyle gave his wife the address and she kissed him before briskly leaving the office. She got into their car and left. Kyle sat there at his desk in sheer disbelief at how their life had come to this. Kyle loved Lucy more than life itself, but a dark yearning inside of him made him feel oddly aroused. His mind was bouncing between whether he was okay with it or not. Finally, he admitted to himself that even though finances instigated the situation, this was something that needed to happen. Almost three and a half hours later, Lucy drove back into the car lot and parked up. Kyle stood in the middle of the office and watched Lucy lock the door behind her, close the blinds, drop a holdall on the ground and walk up to him. She stood in front of him, her eyes darting around trying not to make eye contact with her husband. Kyle broke the uncomfortable silence.

“You’ve been gone hours. How did the interview go?”

“Good, but I need to tell you something”

Lucy racked her brains to find a way to soften the blow and decided on telling her husband both sides of the phone conversation between her and Albert. After taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Lucy told Kyle the whole conversation:

“Hello, White’s Cars”

“Yeah, I want to talk to Lucy White”

“Yes, speaking”

“Hi, my name is Albert”

“Oh, hi there”

“Your husband tells me you want to work for me for a while”

“Yes, if that’s okay with you”

“Yeah, but I need to meet you in person”

“That can be arranged”

“For an interview”


“You know, a practical interview”

“Urm, how do you mean?”

“What does someone do before buying a car from you?”

“A test drive?”

“Yeah, I need to test drive you to see if you’re any good”

“Er, okay. When?”

“Thirty minutes, my house”

“Could we make that in one hour?”

“No. Thirty minutes or you don’t work for me”

“Okay, I can do that”

“Don’t be late”

“I won’t”

“If you do good, I can give you work”

“Thank you”

“See you soon. Bye”


Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Trembling, he asked his wife,

“Did you have sex with Albert?”

“It was the only way of proving that I’m worthy of working for him. So, yes, I had sex with Albert…..twice”

Kyle knew that Lucy had a brief sexual relationship with a black guy when she was 18 and at college, but she had always refused to elaborate and give him the details. From the day they first met, thirteen years ago, Lucy had been faithful to her husband. Now, she was standing there telling him that she’d fucked another man. A wave of jealousy ripped through him, but for reasons that he couldn’t explain he wanted to know everything. They sat down and Kyle said,

“What happened when you arrived?”

“He invited me in and made me a drink. We talked for about ten minutes, but then he said he wanted to get down to business and told me to strip. I was so embarrassed standing in front of him totally naked. He asked me to turn around so he could check me out properly. He walked up behind me and grabbed my tits, spun me round to face him and then he grabbed my ass. He told me I had an amazing firm body and great tits”

“Did you do anything to him?”

“Yes. I started to unbuckle his belt and he took off his shirt. He really is a huge muscular man. Before I knew it he was naked also and I was on my knees sucking his black cock.”

“Was he bigger than me?”

“He was two to three inches longer and twice as thick. So, yes, he was bigger than you”

“Fuck, I don’t believe this is happening. I should be angry with jealousy, but this is turning me on. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, but I want to know what happened next”

“Well, he lifted me up to my feet and told me to bend over the table. He stood behind me and started rubbing the head of his huge cock up and down on my clit. All of a sudden I felt him pushing his way into my pussy. It was so thick that he had some trouble squeezing it in, but as soon as the head was in I had a really intense orgasm that made me sopping wet. He began sliding his cock in and out of me, slowly at first, but within a few minutes he was ramming it into my pussy really hard. He had hold of my hips and I could feel his massive balls slapping against me as he fucked one orgasm after another out of me. He fucked me like this for over half an hour, he never slowed up once. All of a sudden he grabbed my hair with both hands and held his big cock deep inside me. I could feel his hot cum pumping into me making me cum so hard I actually squirted. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop cumming, but eventually he did and then he took out his cock and slapped my ass with it. My top half was lying across the table and my legs were just hanging there. For a while I couldn’t even move my legs let alone stand on them, they were as if I’d lost the use of them. When I could eventually stand I saw a puddle on the floor that was a mixture of my juices and his cum”

“You’ve never cum like that for me. So, was he better than me?

“Sweetheart, I love you and I’ll never leave you, but it was the best fucking sex of my life”

“My head is swimming with confusion. I don’t know why, but my dick is rock hard at the moment. I feel like I’m going to burst. I thought you said he fucked you twice?”

“I’m glad you’re not angry, I was worried you’d freak out when I told you how good it was. Yes, we did fuck again, about fifteen minutes later. It started with me squatting and then bouncing up and down on his cock while he was sat on the sofa. It ended, about an hour and many different positions later with me on my back with my legs wrapped around his back and him pumping me full of his cum again”

“Fuck! Did he tell you he’d hire you after the second time?”

“Not straight away, he made me get dressed and read an agreement before signing it”

“What? An agreement?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a copy of it in this holdall”

Lucy began taking everything out of the holdall. Firstly, she pulled out a dildo that was about 12 inches long and 7 inches in circumference. Next were several tubes of KY, a box of 100 condoms and then a sheet of paper. Lucy handed the paper to Kyle and he read:

To Lucy White,

I am assigning a driver to you for travelling between clients. He will take you to each client and wait in the car until you return. He will take you to all the clients that have been allocated to you for that night. The amount of clients per night will vary. You WILL work until you have seen every one of them. After your last client the driver will take you home.

You start work tomorrow night at 8 p.m. and will work for me for 14 nights in a row.

You will charge each client $250 an hour and if you’re out in 15 minutes it’s still $250. If a client has friends/colleagues with him then you charge an extra $100 an hour for each of them. All of the money must be given to my driver.

I recommend that you make each client wear a condom and you will not be expected to do anything weird. For $250 an hour, you need to be really good.

I am supplying you with a dildo that I want you to use as much as possible each day to stretch your pussy. No client wants to wait until you’re wet enough for sex. As a whore you must be loose enough to have sex as soon as you arrive.

My driver will pick you and your husband up at 1 p.m. on the day after your last night. He will bring you both here to see me. I will give you your share of the takings in cash on that day. When you are picked up, make sure you bring the holdall containing the dildo, KY and condoms that are left.

By the way, every client you see will be black.

If you agree to all of this, sign below.


“Every client will be black? $250 an hour? How many clients a night do you think you’ll have to see and what percentage of the takings?”

“I don’t know, probably 3 or 4 I guess and maybe half of the takings?”

Kyle grabbed a calculator, quickly worked it out and said to Lucy,

“Half of the takings will earn us anywhere between $5250 and $7000″

Kyle looked at his wife and she kissed him passionately before pulling away and sitting on the edge of her desk smiling seductively at him. He stood up and with his erection straining for release he walked over to her as she laid back across the desk. Lifting and parting her legs he saw her sodden panties. He grabbed either side of her panties and began to pull them down her long legs. He threw the panties on the floor and began to tear off his own clothes in record time. When he was naked, sporting the biggest erection he could manage, he turned to face his wife with the intentions of fucking her. Holding his dick in readiness for sex, he looked between his wife’s spread legs and stopped in his tracks.

Kyle knew what his wife’s pussy looked like and he’d never seen it like this before. Her shaven pussy was slightly swollen, gaping a little with smacked red skin. Kyle knew he wanted to fuck his wife, but two choices popped into his already confused mind,

“Do I fuck her or go down on her before fucking her?”

Kyle had always enjoyed eating Lucy’s pussy because he loved the taste and the moans and the groans that he could get out of her. Her pussy was glistening and looked so moist and appetising. The more he looked, the more he wanted to have his mouth on it. Without conscious thought he dropped to his knees and positioned his face right in front of her soaked pussy. He paused to gaze at what he was about to devour and suddenly he found his mouth and tongue consuming her.

Lucy arched her back and moaned loudly. As far as she was concerned, Kyle’s tongue had always performed better than his dick. Within seconds, not only did Kyle realise that her pussy felt different, but it tasted and smelt different. It smelt and tasted foreign. It didn’t take long for him to realise that she tasted and smelt of another man. Instead of pulling away in disgust, Kyle ravenously ate his wife’s pussy. She felt so soft and loose and wet, he couldn’t get enough.

Lucy’s mind was ablaze with confusion. She couldn’t understand why her loving husband would want to eat the very pussy that was fucked and filled twice with another man’s cum. Her muddled mind was soon adjusted as she felt a massive orgasm begin to rip through her. She screamed in wild ecstasy as she squirted her hot juices straight into the face of her husband.

Kyle was shocked at how powerful his wife’s orgasm was. After swallowing some of his wife’s juices he pulled his face away. He glared at her pussy and saw how drenched and silky smooth it was. Kyle realised that what he had just swallowed from his wife probably contained some cum from another man. This thought ignited him into action and he stood up between his wife’s legs knowing that he was about to plunge into the unknown.

Guiding his cock, Kyle entered his wife with a slow-motion action to savour the feeling until he was as deep inside her as he could get. As he slowly moved outwards he realised something incredible. Not only did his wife’s pussy smell and taste different, it was completely different. It felt looser, smoother, wetter, deeper and hotter. It didn’t feel like his wife’s pussy anymore, it felt like he had his dick inside another woman. It dawned on him that her pussy had been transformed by another man by giving her what she had probably always needed.

Kyle’s emotional and physical feelings overwhelmed him and he thrust as deep into his wife as he could. He held his cock all the way in as he began to cum. He felt his cock pulsating as he had what felt like the best orgasm of his life. With his neck arched backwards with his entire body quivering he felt something he had never felt before. Not only was there the pleasure of his orgasm in his cock, but strangely he felt the pleasure inside of him as well. His mind short circuited with a pleasure overload until he was finally spent.

Lucy smiled humorously at her husband and said,

“That was over fast, darling”

Kyle smiled, chuckled and replied,

“Yeah, I just got too turned on by the whole thing”

Kyle and Lucy packed up for the day and drove home. Lucy was so exhausted that she went to bed early and fell into a deep sleep. Kyle stayed up late thinking about everything that was going on. He read the agreement from Albert over and over until every word was burnt into his mind. Eventually, Kyle went to bed and spooned up to his sexy wife before falling asleep himself.

The next morning, Kyle woke Lucy for work and she said,

“I don’t think I should go to work today. I start working for Albert tonight and I need to use that dildo today to make sure I’m ready for my clients”

Kyle understood his wife’s logic and he left for work as usual. He spent the entire morning thinking of the previous day, staring at her desk remembering that sensual encounter that they had shared. Kyle had not made a single sale, so at lunchtime he closed the lot and drove home to see his wife.

Arriving home, Kyle noticed at once that the house was completely silent. He went upstairs to their bedroom and Lucy was asleep lying on her back which seemed really strange as she never slept like that. Gently, he sat on the edge of her side of the bed and stroked her face. Lucy slowly awoke from her slumber and smiled sweetly at her husband.

“You’re home early, sweetie”

“Yeah, I needed to see you. I love you”

“I love you too, but could you move please? I need the bathroom”

Kyle stood up and watched as his wife threw the cover off herself. She was completely naked with her legs tight together. Cautiously, Lucy squeezed her hand between her inner thighs as she gradually parted her legs. With great care she grabbed and removed the dildo that Albert had given her from her pussy. About three-quarters of it was glossy black from her wetness. With a thud, she dropped it on the bed the other side of her before sliding out of bed and heading for the bathroom.

Kyle sat back down on the edge of the bed and looked at the dildo. He couldn’t believe that compared to his dick his wife had taken almost twice his length and alot thicker. A few minutes later Lucy walked back into the bedroom and stood boldly in front of Kyle with her legs spread wide and demanded,

“Feel how loose my pussy is”

Kyle reached out and the middle finger of his right hand he found the wet opening. With absolute ease he buried his finger all the way to his knuckle. Kyle glanced up at his wife and she was staring down at him with a proud smirk. He soon had two fingers inside of her and he couldn’t believe how loose and wet she was. It wasn’t long before, almost to the knuckles, he had four fingers inside his wife’s stretched pussy. He knew that if she was just a little looser he’d probably be able to fist her. He was shocked because in the past he’d only ever managed three fingers and that was a struggle. Kyle withdrew and stared at his soaked fingers. Testing the wetness of his fingers with his dry thumb he felt how dripping and slimy they were. He looked up at his wife and stated,

“Your pussy felt different yesterday and even more different today”

Lucy stood upright with her legs together and replied,

“I know, hubby. Isn’t it great? I’ve been fucking my pussy with Albert’s dildo all morning. After a few hours, I held it as deep in me as I could and closed my legs on top of it to hold it there. I felt so worn out I fell asleep until you woke me up. I’m standing here with my legs tight together but it feels like I’m bandy-legged even though I know I’m not. When I walked to the bathroom it felt like I was walking with my legs wide apart. You’re right, my pussy does feel different. It feels so spacious and relaxed, I love it”

Kyle had freed his obvious erection and it stood insignificant but proud. A small drop of precum had formed on the tip showing his wife how turned on he was. Lucy directed her eyes towards his cock, then looked and walked away while saying,

“We haven’t got time for that, I need to take a shower and get dressed. I need to go shopping for some slutty lingerie and clothes”

Lucy disappeared into the bathroom again and Kyle packed his abandoned cock away. Lucy was ready to leave the house in three-quarters of an hour, which was a personal best for her. With her husband in tow, Lucy headed straight for her favourite shop.

Within fifteen minutes of entering the shop Kyle looked like a mobile clothes hanger. Lucy knew exactly what she wanted which was all the clothes that she loved the look of but never had the confidence to wear before. After a relatively short selection process, Lucy took the clothes into the changing rooms leaving Kyle holding nothing but lingerie. For thirty minutes, Kyle stood waiting for his wife to reappear, conscious of the fact that everybody else in the shop must have wondered why a man would be stood holding armfuls of lingerie. What felt like a lifetime later, Lucy strolled over to Kyle and
handed him everything that she had chosen and said,

“Pay for all of these please, sweetheart”

Carrying a mountain of clothing, Kyle walked to the checkout and watched as the bill rose higher and higher.

“That will be $587.84, please Sir”

Kyle looked at his wife, who was looking back at him sweetly, then took out his wallet and handed over his credit card. With this transaction Lucy really did need to do a good job. Sharing the load, Kyle and Lucy carried the purchases and headed back to their car then drove home.

Back at home Lucy swiftly arranged the new clothing into piles of outfits to wear. Checking the time she quickly picked an outfit and told him to wash, dry and if necessary iron it. Kyle hastily got his wife’s clothes in the machine and headed back to the bedroom. Lucy was just trying on one of the other outfits and checking herself in the mirror. Kyle’s jaw dropped at how good she looked, but couldn’t believe how short the skirt was.

“Wow! That skirt is so short it doesn’t quite make it down to your hold-up stockings”

Lucy smiled and turned away from Kyle. She bent over and the skirt raised up enough for him to be able to see her panty covered pussy from behind. She laughed and stood up while saying,

“If I’m charging $250 an hour, I need to look like I’m worth every penny of it. All the skirts and dresses are this short, but I won’t be wearing stockings as I think that’s too slutty. Maybe I will another night if I feel more confident”

After another quick shower Lucy did her hair and sat to start applying her makeup. Kyle sat on the other side of the bedroom watching her. He had never watched her doing her makeup before and he felt strange watching his wife getting ready to go and have sex with another man. Lucy made eye contact with him in the mirror and blew him a kiss.

“What’s wrong, hubby?”

Kyle explained how he was feeling watching her getting ready and Lucy replied,

“I’m not getting ready to go and fuck another man. I’m getting ready to go and fuck other men”

Lucy giggled and blew him another kiss. Kyle smiled nervously and left the bedroom to sort out her outfit. When her outfit was ready he took it up to his wife who had finished with her hair and makeup. She was wearing a white lacy bra and panties. Kyle watched his wife pulling up the tight short skirt and it really complimented her curves, long legs and firm ass. Lucy put on the skimpy top that completed the look and she said,

“Now I look like a hooker. This top only just hides my bra. Look at how much cleavage I’m showing”

Kyle gulped and struggled to reply,

“You look better than I’ve ever seen you. You’ve always looked amazing, but tonight you look like a movie star”

It was now a little after 7 p.m. and nerves were really kicking in for both of them. Lucy was ready and had her handbag containing everything she thought she’d need. It included a handful of condoms from the box that Albert had given her. They both talked about why this was happening and that they loved and cherished each other. Lucy kept nipping to the bathroom on a regular basis due to the nerves. A few minutes before 8 p.m. a car stopped outside their house and beeped the horn. Kyle and Lucy looked at each other and hugged quickly before heading to the door.

Kyle walked along side his wife towards the waiting car. Just before they got to the car the driver’s door open and out got a black guy that stood around six and a half feet tall and built like a tank. The driver and Lucy smiled wide-eyed at each other before he opened the rear door for her. Kyle was a little shocked at their friendly greeting and just put it down to they must have met at Albert’s house. The driver interrupted Kyle’s thoughts by saying,

“Hi Lucy, I’m your driver for tonight. Your client list for tonight is on the back seat”

Lucy turned to Kyle and kissed him quickly before getting into the car. The driver closed the door behind her and turned to Kyle and said,

“Don’t worry, she’ll be safe”

The driver held out his hand and Kyle shook it. The driver’s hand encompassed Kyle’s hand with a firm grip that took him by surprise. The immense black guy got into the car and shut the door behind him. Kyle went to the back window of the car in the hope of seeing his wife but the car pulled away too fast. He watched as the car turned the corner at the bottom of their road and disappeared. Standing, looking down an empty road, he turned and walked back into the house.

Kyle looked at his watch and saw the time was 8:01 p.m. He had no idea what time his wife would be getting home and he knew the only way to get through this was to keep busy. He tidied the whole house, watched television, cooked himself some food and watched television again. Nothing could take his mind off his wife. He wondered where she was, who she was with, what she was doing, if she was okay and when she’d be home.

At 1:02 a.m. Kyle heard a car door slam and then a car drive away. Moments later, Lucy walked in through the front door and closed it behind her. Kyle looked at his wife, who definitely looked dishevelled compared to how good she looked earlier and said,

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

Lucy smiled and replied,

“Yes, I am darling. I saw three clients tonight”

“Did you have to have sex with all of them?”

“Of course I did. One of them fucked me twice and went slightly over the hour so he had to pay an extra $250″

Lucy had earned $1000 on her first night being pimped out. Kyle thought that if she gets half of that it should cover most of the cost of his wife’s new clothes. Being a man, Kyle had to ask,

“Were any of them bigger than me?”

Lucy sat her and Kyle down together and held his hand. Taking a deep breath, she said,

“Look, my driver’s name is Dan. Dan told me before we got to my first client that tonight was a light introduction to being a high-class hooker. The clients that were arranged for me tonight were selected because they were not the biggest in that department. But, even though it wasn’t by much, they were all bigger than you. Before you ask, yes they were all better. Not just because they were bigger, but because they could fuck me long enough for me to have my orgasms. You may as well accept the fact that the clients I’ll be seeing over the next two weeks are all going to be bigger and better than you”

Kyle was mortified but excited at the same time. His faithful wife of 12 years had been fucked by 4 other men in the last day and a half. His primeval instinct was to be angry but he just felt calm and wanted to experience the pleasure that they had.

Kyle took out his steely hard cock and watched his wife take it in her hand and began slowly working it. It was like a slow motion handjob and he knew that he wanted to be inside his wife. Looking down at his erect manhood, Lucy sighed and said,

“I’ve never noticed this before, but your dick is pretty small, isn’t it?”

For a reason he couldn’t comprehend, Kyle found the words that his wife had just uttered as the most erotic words he had ever heard. As his wife’s grip moved down he thrust his pelvis upwards and felt the pressure reach its crescendo. His cock started to spurt cum which was unusual because it normally just dribbled or oozed out. He couldn’t stop it from happening. His mind was so erotically charged that he emptied his cum over himself as his wife coaxed it all out with her hand. When he was spent he looked down at the mess that he had made. Lucy took away her hand and with a surprised tone she said,

“You’re really into this, aren’t you?”

Calming down his breathing, Kyle replied,

“I don’t know why, but yes I am into this. I wanted to cum inside you so much but a part of me is glad I didn’t. I don’t understand why I’m feeling like this. The money is one thing, but why am I so turned on by all of this?”

Lucy looked equally confused and said,

“I don’t know sweetie. I feel the same way. I know we wanted to do this for the money, but I’m starting to feel like this is a really good thing”

Kyle and Lucy went to bed and held each other until they both fell into a contented sleep. Kyle woke at 7 a.m. to find an empty space next to him. Lucy had just taken a shower and walked back into the room wet haired and naked. Drying her hair with a towel she said to Kyle,

“You need to get ready to go to work. I’m not getting paid for two weeks so you need to make some sales. I love you, but we need the money”

Kyle got out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower. When he came back into the bedroom to get dressed he noticed the black dildo and a tube of KY on the bed. After getting dressed he headed downstairs.

“Are you using that dildo again today?”

“Yes, I need to. I need to make sure that I’m loose enough for the big cocked clients I’ll be fucking”

With those words ringing in his ears, Kyle drove to work. His day went well, making five sales. At every available moment, he spent his day imagining his wife fucking the dildo to loosen her pussy. He even had thoughts of his wife being impaled by a huge black cock which bounced his thoughts between actually wanting to see it and sheer jealousy. Getting home at 6 p.m. he ventured upstairs to the bedroom. Lucy had just started getting ready for her second night. Kyle told his wife about the five sales.

“Well done darling. Five sales? I spent five hours fucking that dildo today”

“You must be really loose, can I feel?”

“Not now, I’m trying to get ready. I’ve been too busy to do any work around the house today, so could you make a start on the housework please?”

Kyle complied with his wife’s request and got started on the housework. At around 7:30 p.m. Lucy came downstairs looking dressed to kill. She was wearing a skin-tight dress that was semi-transparent, really short and low-cut. As she walked her 36DD tits jiggled around as if they were attempting to hypnotise her husband and her nipples were protruding against the sheer fabric.

“You look amazing. I can see you’re wearing panties, but you’re not wearing a bra”

“No, I think I look better in this dress without”

They sat together holding hands the whole time. Kyle kept staring at his wife’s more than ample tits. Her impressive cleavage was one thing but her erect nipples were driving him crazy. They sat chatting until her car arrived and then Lucy turned to Kyle and said,

“No need to walk me to the car tonight, I’m not feeling as nervous”

Lucy kissed Kyle goodbye and she headed down to the car. Kyle stood at their house watching her tight ass in that tiny dress as her hips swayed while she walked. Dan held the car door open for her and closed it once she was safely seated. Dan looked towards Kyle standing in the open doorway of his house and smiled at him. Moments later the car was gone leaving Kyle alone with his thoughts again.

Kyle was still worried for his wife’s safety, but he felt a little easier this night. Finishing off all the housework and watching some television it was soon 2 a.m. He wondered how much longer his wife would be and shortly after he fell asleep on the sofa. Kyle woke with a start at 4:15 a.m. when Lucy got home. With a beaming smile she walked over to him and said,

“You should have gone to bed”

“I tried to stay awake to wait up for you. How was it tonight?”

“Really good, I saw 4 clients tonight and one of them had two friends with him. It’s a good job I took lots of condoms out with me tonight. I’m exhausted and a bit sore, let’s go to bed”

In bed, Lucy told her husband about her night while gently caressing his cock. When she got to the point that one of the black men she fucked had one of the biggest cocks she’d ever had Kyle came instantly.

“You like hearing about me and black cocks, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I still don’t know why”

Kyle went to work, leaving his wife at home with the big black dildo as he did the day before. It was pouring with rain and the forecast predicted it was going to last all day. He knew he wouldn’t make any sales because of the weather so he took the opportunity to investigate how he was feeling. Using the internet, he tried keyword searches that applied to his situation. He couldn’t find any direct comparison to his life, but during all of his searches one word cropped up more than any other.

Searching for cuckold opened up a whole new world to him. There was so much information on the subject that he quickly began to understand why he felt the way he did. A wave of relief washed over him when he found out that the world contains millions of men that are into cuckolding. He understood why it turned him on so much thinking about his wife fucking other men and why he loved hearing all the details when she got home. He learned about things that he never knew existed, like chastity devices. One of the main themes of all the short stories he read was the husband’s inability to sexually satisfy his wife. He realised that this was him. He knew he couldn’t satisfy Lucy and that was why she was enjoying fucking other men so much.

When he arrived home Lucy was yet again getting ready. Kyle gave his wife the printout and said,

“This will explain quite alot”

At around 7:45 p.m. Lucy came downstairs scantily clad wearing a flimsy small top, a tiny skirt and hold-up stockings. She looked like a true slut and Kyle complimented her.

“Thank you hubby, or should I say cuckold?”

“Oh, you read it then?”

“Yes, but I want to know more about it. While I’m working tonight you can find all the information you can and print it out for me to read tomorrow. I’m feeling really confident tonight, I’m really starting to enjoy myself”

Just as Kyle gave his wife a hug her car arrived.

“Right, don’t wait up for me tonight. I’ll see you in the morning”

Lucy left the house for work leaving her husband standing on the spot where he was hugging her. He spent hours downloading information on the cuckold lifestyle and printed everything he found. Around 1 a.m. he went to bed alone and finally fell asleep just after 2 a.m.

Around 6 a.m. Kyle was woken up by Lucy getting into bed.

“Hi hubby, I’ve just got home”

“Huh? How many clients did you see last night?”

“Sorry, but Dan told me not to tell you anything anymore. Albert doesn’t like information about the clients and his whores getting out”

“But I’m your husband. I know what you’re doing”

“Yes, I know, sorry. At least you know that I’m out fucking black men all night”

“I want to make love to you sweetheart”

“No, I’m too sore and worn out”

Lucy gave Kyle a quick handjob that was over and done with in about a minute. She packed him off to work and spent the day sleeping, fucking herself with the dildo and reading the information that her husband had found for her.

Every day now followed the same routine. If Kyle was lucky he’d see his wife briefly in the morning and get 15 minutes with her before she went to work. Some mornings she still wasn’t home when he had to leave for work. He got a handjob off his wife most days, but he could never hold out for very long. Lucy had always resented her husband cumming too quickly, but now she seemed to love the fact he did. She found this highly erotic and felt little or no guilt needing to fuck other men for her own sexual gratification.

Kyle knew everything about the first two nights Lucy worked as a hooker, but he knew nothing after that. He didn’t know how many men she’d been with, how many times she’d been fucked, how big their cocks were, how much better they were and he had no idea how much money she had earned for Albert.

Kyle got home from work at midday after Lucy’s last night at work. When he arrived home his wife was dressed ready to go to see Albert. She’s already put the last tube of KY, the dildo and the remaining condoms in their box into the holdall that Albert had given her.

“Hi hubby, Albert called to make sure you were going to see him as well. The car will be here at 1 p.m. as promised”

“Okay. You look fantastic, but you look like you’re dressed for working for Albert”

“Yes, I want him to see that I was worth $250 an hour”

They sat chatting and Kyle confessed,

“I’ve really enjoyed the last two weeks, but I’ve hardly seen you. I’ve missed spending time with you darling”

“I have too, but we can try to get back to normal after I’ve been paid. I will be honest though, I’ve been having the best sex of my life and I’d like to carry on sleeping with other men”

“Yes, I have really enjoyed you having sex with other men and I’d like it to continue as well. Maybe we could advertise on the internet?”

“Sounds good hubby”

At 1 p.m. the car arrived to pick them up. As usual it was Dan and when they were getting in the car he smiled at Lucy but smirked at Kyle. On the journey Kyle felt awkward. He was supposed to be a man, but he had allowed his wife to be pimped out. He had never been a pushover, but he’d enjoyed feeling like one. He found himself staring at Lucy’s tits as they swayed with the movements of the
car straining to break out of the flimsy top she was wearing. He had the sudden realisation that he hadn’t seen his wife naked in about ten days and he missed that also.

After a 40 minute drive they arrived at Albert’s house. It was a huge house with tall metal gates, a long drive and massive wooden arched double-doors. Dan let them out of the car and led them through to Albert’s office. Albert was sat behind a huge oak desk that had the aura of power. Sat on either side of his desk were two stunningly beautiful white women dressed pretty much like Kyle’s wife. Albert clicked his fingers and they both slid off the desk and walked towards the door. They made deliberate eye contact with Kyle, looked him up and down, smirked at him and then they looked at each other smiling. This made Kyle feel uneasy and like there was something going on that he didn’t know about.

Albert walked round from behind his desk and smiling broadly he said,

“There she is!”

He walked over to Lucy and kissed her briefly on the lips. Albert shook Kyle’s hand and said,

“You’re a lucky man, she’s proven to be something pretty special. Okay, let’s get to business. Dan, take the holdall and check the contents”

Albert walked back behind his desk and sat down in his high-backed leather chair. He silently beckoned Kyle and Lucy over with his hand and picked up a sheet of paper. Standing in front of Albert’s desk, Lucy and Kyle felt like they were standing in front of a powerful magnate. Albert raised his eyebrows and said,

“You’ve been busy, haven’t you Lucy?”

“Urm, yes I have, I guess”

Albert looked over at Dan and asked,

“Is it all there?”

“Yes, it’s all here”

Albert looked at Lucy, smiled and said,

“Did you use the dildo every day?”

“Yes, I did. I used it for at least a few hours each day”

Albert looked pleased and turned to Dan saying,

“So, the dildo’s there?”


“How many tubes of KY are there?”

“One and it is partially used”

“Excellent, how many condoms are left?”


Albert looked at the paper he was holding, looked straight at Lucy and said,

“Someone’s been naughty”

Lucy chuckled and smiling she looked at the ground. Kyle looked at his blushing wife and then at Albert and Dan trying to work out in his head what that comment meant. Albert laughed and said,

“So, Lucy, according to this report you saw 51 clients?”

“Yes, that’s right”

“And 11 of them had anywhere between 1 and 3 friends with them?”


“So, because some of them fucked you more than once, you got fucked by 68 men a total of 82 times?”

“Yes, that’s correct”

“According to the figures, you should have used 82 condoms but you only used 44. What happened the other 38 times you got fucked?”

“I didn’t use condoms for those clients. Sorry”

Albert laughed loudly, slapping the desk and throwing himself back into his
chair he bellowed,

“Don’t apologise, I’m impressed. Take a look at your husband’s face”

Lucy turned to Kyle and he was obviously shocked and confused.

“Sorry hubby, but one guy was so big that the condom wasn’t long enough to roll down all the way. He fucked me so hard that the condom broke and I didn’t know until he started cumming inside me. It felt so good that I decided not to use the condoms anymore”

Kyle was surprised at himself that he wasn’t angry and asked,

“When did that happen?”

“It was my last client on my eighth night. I didn’t take a single condom out with me for the last six nights”

Kyle was a little shocked but not that upset. In fact, a part of him was pleased. Albert leaned forwards and asked,

“What’s this about you going commando?”

Lucy was astounded at how honest she was being and it genuinely didn’t bother her. Feeling comfortable with her newfound self she admitted,

“I stopped wearing a bra after the first night and stopped wearing panties after the fourth. I learned that my clients needed to have easy access to me”

Albert was impressed and his face said as much. After glancing at the document he still held Albert looked up at Lucy and said,

“Right, the cash you’ve earned is dependant on your choice of three options”

Albert nodded at Dan and he opened the door to the office. Albert said to Kyle and Lucy,

“Step back from my desk. Dan, get Kyle a chair, he looks like he needs one”

Dan placed a chair central and about 6 feet from the front of Albert’s desk. Kyle sat down and Lucy was stood to his left with her hand on his shoulder. Into the office walked a naked brunette white woman holding some papers. She walked over to Albert’s desk and placed three single-sheet documents on the edge of the desk so they were facing towards Kyle and Lucy. Kyle made a point of not
looking at the naked woman, mainly because his wife was stood next to him, but also because he felt embarrassed. After placing the third document the brunette stepped back and deliberately fell backwards dropping ass first into Kyle’s lap. She wriggled her ass momentarily while she was sat on his lap before standing up. This made Kyle feel seriously uncomfortable and he immediately looked up at
his wife in anticipation of a scowling glare. Instead of what he expected, he saw his wife, Albert and Dan glancing round at each other smiling. As the naked brunette left the office she said loudly,

“I didn’t feel a thing”

Lucy, Dan and Albert burst out laughing. None of them could make eye contact with Kyle and he felt humiliated and ashamed. He had endured his wife fucking bigger and better than him for two weeks and this reaffirmed what he had been thinking of himself. Kyle had the realisation that he was too small and unable to satisfy his wife and now it woke him up to the fact that what he had between his legs wouldn’t satisfy any woman.

Albert broke the awkward moment by saying,

“Stay where you are Kyle. Lucy, step forward and read each document”

Lucy stepped forward to the desk and began reading the first document. Being sat a few feet behind her, Kyle could see his wife bent over reading. The skirt she was wearing was so short that he could see her ass. As she sidestepped to read the second document, Kyle saw his wife’s pussy from behind. It was at eyelevel to him and it looked the same yet different. He couldn’t help but stare at it and pondered why it appeared changed. Her pussy looked more prominent, more appealing and more appetising. He knew that she must have known she was showing off her obviously bigger pussy and he couldn’t believe that she was being so unashamed about it. His trance was broken when Lucy had finished reading the last document and stood up to stand beside him. Albert told Kyle and Lucy,

“Go over to the corner of my office and talk about it”

Lucy ushered her husband away to where Albert had told them to go. She looked her husband in the eyes and said,

“We can walk out of here with one of three varying amounts of money. It depends on which of the three options we decide upon. Each option has a different percentage of the total amount of money I earned and has varying conditions attached. I have to sign one of the documents to get paid”

“What did the documents say?”

“Well, option 1 is we will get 10% of the takings. The are no conditions”

“What about option 2?”

“We will get 25% of the takings and the condition is that I will have to work for Albert two nights a week from now on”

“Okay, what about the last option?”

“Option 3 is that we will get 50% of the takings but I will be working for Albert fulltime”

“Right, I’m not okay with option 3 because you’re my wife and I need to spend more time with you”

“I feel the same way hubby. So which of the first 2 options do you prefer?”

“Option 2 sounds perfect. We get 25%, you get other men to fuck handed to you on a plate and on top of that you get paid for it”

“Yeah, but options 2 and 3 come with one additional specific condition”

“What’s that?”

“I’m not allowed to do anything sexually with anyone other than clients and that includes you”

Before Kyle could wrap his head around the fact that he might not be able to fuck his wife ever again Albert spoke,

“Look, if it helps, Lucy made $23,800 for me. So the three amounts on offer are $2,380, $5,950 and $11,900. The option you choose is permanent, but I need to know now as I’m a busy man”

Kyle decided to try and negotiate with Albert,

“As Lucy is my wife, would it be possible for me to still have sex with her? Even if you only permitted me to fuck her once a month, would you compromise?”

Before Albert had time to respond Lucy asked him,

“Can I talk to you privately please?”

“Okay, come round here behind my desk. Kyle you stay exactly where you are”

Lucy walked around the desk to stand with Albert. Kyle could see their lips moving as they talked but he couldn’t hear anything. After a couple of minutes Lucy looked over at her husband smiling followed by Albert doing the same. Albert started laughing and Lucy followed by laughing also. She turned back to Albert and still smiling said something else before rejoining her husband. Lucy walked up to Kyle and said,

“Right, Albert is willing to compromise a little”

“What were you laughing at?”

“Nothing, don’t worry about it”

Lucy took Kyle’s hand and they walked back to stand in front of the chair facing Albert’s desk. Albert looked directly at Kyle and said,

“Lucy has made me realise that you’re a married couple and that you do need some stimulation, even if it’s over in about a minute”

Albert smiled at Kyle and out of the corner of his eye he could see Lucy smiling. In that moment, Kyle realised what they were laughing at before.
Albert continued,

“You gave me some good deals on cars in the past and now you’ve given me a new business opportunity. I respect you for that and that’s why I am willing to compromise slightly. The black clients, that I supply whores to, have a thing for white women. More specifically, they love blonde haired, blue eyed white women. Your wife has impressed alot of the regular clients. So, here’s the deal. If Lucy signs option 1 then you will get your money and leave, but I will never again offer her work. If she chooses option 2 or 3 then I will allow you to have a sexual relationship with your wife. You’ll be able to touch her, play with her pussy, help her stretch it for her clients, eat her pussy, get handjobs from her, kiss her, grope her, whatever. The only thing you will not be able to do is put your white dick inside her which means that her pussy, mouth and ass are off-limits to your dick. Even if you wear a condom I don’t want you penetrating any of her holes. Black clients do not want to be sticking their dicks into a white woman that has sex with white guys, even their husbands”

Kyle looked at his wife who refused to make eye contact. She was staring down at the ground leaving Kyle to figure it all out on his own. He felt really isolated and extended a plea to his wife,

“I don’t know what to do”

Lucy took a deep breath, looked at Kyle and said,

“I do”

She stepped forwards, grabbed a pen and signed the document that tied them both to option 2. Kyle stood their open-mouthed and unable to speak. Albert took the document and handed it to Dan who placed it in a filing cabinet. Albert reached into one of the desk draws and pulled out a wad of money. He tossed it to Lucy saying,

“Here you go. That’s your $5,950. I’ll be in touch about when I need you to work next. You made the right decision”

Dan handed Lucy the holdall and Albert said,

“There are fresh tubes of KY, a new box of 100 condoms and a new dildo. Take Lucy and her husband home Dan”

Dan led Kyle and Lucy out of Albert’s office. As they were leaving, the two white women that were sat on his desk walked past them. One of them looked at Kyle and said,

“Silly little white boy”

Everybody, except Kyle, laughed loudly at her comment. He felt so inferior. It wasn’t only the fact that he knew he had a small thin dick that came too quickly, it was also the fact that he was called little and boy by a gorgeous white woman.

After being dropped off at their house by Dan, Lucy turned to Kyle and said,

“Do you want a coffee?”

“A coffee? No, I need to talk about what has happened”

“Well, you did say that you wanted me to carry on fucking other men”

“Yeah, but I still wanted to be able to fuck you as well”

“I don’t want to sound harsh hubby, but you know it’s over really quick and I mean really quick”

“Yes, but even with your pussy being loose I love the feeling”

“Do you remember the last time you fucked me?”

“Yes, it was on your desk about two weeks ago”

“And truthfully, how good did that feel for you?”

“It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I’ve never cum that powerfully and hard in my life. I was taken to a new level of pleasure”

Lucy smiled sweetly at Kyle and sat him down. Looking into his eyes she quietly said,

“Again, truthfully, do you think you’ll ever experience that level of pleasure ever again?”

“Probably not, it was a completely unique experience. You’d just been fucked by Albert and your pussy was so loose and silky smooth. I was turned on by the newness of every aspect. I probably wouldn’t feel that level of pleasure ever again, but I still wanted to be able to fuck you”

“That’s the point hubby. If you knew that you would only be able to fuck and cum inside me one more time for the rest of your life, wouldn’t you want that last time to be the best and most intense orgasm of your life?”

“Yes, I guess I would. Okay, you’re right, yes”

“Then you’re lucky. I not only read everything you printed for me but I’ve been looking up cuckolding as well. Most men who get denied sex by their wives can’t say that the last time was the best sex they’d ever had. A few do, but the vast majority don’t”

“So I should embrace the fact that the last time I ever had sex was the best?”

“Yes, that’s right sweetheart”

Kyle sat thinking, trying to process this new information. A million thoughts and feelings shot through his mind. Trying to conclude the thoughts and feeling was proving impossible. It was only when he took a step back in his mind that he realised Lucy was right. He genuinely had the acceptance that sex was a privilege that he didn’t deserve. He knew that he’d get to cum by his wife’s hand again and that gave him some solace. With the look of acceptance on his face, Kyle looked at his wife and said,

“Okay, I agree to be celibate. But now you need to be honest with me. How does this affect us as a married couple?”

“I’ll love you forever and I’ll never leave you. You’re my soul mate, the man I swore to spend the rest of my life with. You’ll never lose me and even though I’ll be fucking other men I will still be coming home to you”

“I love you too, but won’t you miss the sex with me?”

“My pussy is never going to shrink back to how it used to be and even if it did you can’t hold out long enough for me to be satisfied. The last time you fucked me, I felt you pressing against me on the outside, but inside my pussy I felt nothing. You need to feel one last thing to make you understand why we’re where we are”

Lucy sat back on the sofa and spread her legs baring her shaven pussy. She manoeuvred her ass to the edge and said to her husband,

“Feel my pussy”

For the first time in what felt like ages, Kyle was about to feel his wife’s pussy. He knelt on the floor with her pussy on full display in front of him. Concentrating his vision just on her pussy and nothing else he had trouble comprehending how different it looked in just two weeks. Her pussy, with absolute certainty, looked like it belonged on another woman. Kyle began to work one finger after another into her changed womanhood. The fact that he was touching her sexually gave him an instant erection. Before he could appreciate fully what was happening he had his whole fist inside her. The opening to her
pussy was wrapped around his wrist. He looked up at her expecting her face to show ecstasy, but instead she was looking at him smiling seductively. Lucy, biting her lip, said with a truthful tone,

“See how loose I am? Seriously, how much satisfaction do you think I would get from your dick if you had it inside me right now?”

“Probably not much”

“Definitely not anything hubby”

Lucy told Kyle to remove his hand and reluctantly he obeyed. He looked at his wet hand and then at her gaping pussy. He felt like he was dreaming but he knew it was real and actually happening. Clutching at straws he commented,

“But no dick has the girth of my fist”

“True, but that just means that my pussy is loose enough to be able to stretch and take it. You’ve got no idea how long and thick the black cocks have been. They’re so big that orgasms rip through me like an electric shock and I cum so hard that I feel like I’m going to pass out. There’s no point mulling over it, I am basically a black cock whore now. Think yourself lucky, if I hadn’t of talked to Albert then I’d be completely off limits to you”

Kyle nodded in supreme acceptance. Maybe it was the man in him that was trying to fight the inevitable, but even his gut feeling told him that the cuckold in him had been his downfall. He had his chances to step in and stop this from happening, but submissively he confessed to himself that he was glad he didn’t. His journey from a man who enjoyed fucking the most beautiful woman he could ever imagine to being a celibate cuckold had been a swift one. He knew that many men in the future would enjoy exploring his wife’s body and that he would never again be one of them.

Unknown to Kyle, Lucy had more plans for their future.

The cuckolding lifestyle, the adventure, had just begun.

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