How I discovered my cuckold yearnings

I have decided to write a post on this blog to help me sort out my desires and how I got here.

My journey of self discovery started when I met a woman (who I will call D.) at college that whose previous boyfriend had been Black. Something about knowing that her ex was Black turned me on tremendously, though I had no idea why. She was still friends with him (I will call him P.). In fact he still lived in the same apartment building), and introduced us. I felt an uneasiness, strangely submissive to this other man. I had (and actually have) no gay or bi leanings. Yet knowing that he had cum in my girlfriend before me made me feel a deference to him.
my ex girlfriend with her black lover

I have always enjoyed giving oral, but something deep inside made me especially want to kiss and lick D.’s pussy! I would have sex with her, but became obsessed with what P.’s dark manhood would have looked like sliding between her pink lips. Eventually my obsession got the better of me and I did hint that I would be open to a threesome with P., but she said she didn’t want to open that up again.

The relationship eventually ended, for unrelated reasons to her prior Black sexing. But I found myself enthralled by my memories of being captivated by the thought of my woman being Black experienced!

I felt ashamed, in a way, both for having felt submissive to another man and also for having a yearning for a woman to be Black experienced. I tried to suppress my natural yearnings for the next several years, sticking with vanilla relationships. Partially I kept to vanilla dating because I felt that shame, but also because I didn’t meet any white women that had Black exes.

As time went by I eventually stumbled upon cuckolding during searching the internet! I was thrilled that there were many other men that felt the same yearnings that I experienced! I have to admit that I am primarily into cuckolding, but see Black male into white female as the ultimate expression of the cuckolding lifestyle, IMHO. I would still accept a white woman that was not open (at first) to Black. However, I would be trying to tempt her to try BBC… I especially enjoy the idea of helping Black men seduce my white, virgin to BBC wife! I would relish playing a central role in bringing my white woman into Black sex!

Anyway, I have prattled on here for a bit. I plan on adding Blog posts in the future, so please check back. Thanks for reading!

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