White ladies with black studs – interracial story

I would, purely for your amusement, like to recall a scenario I witnessed lately. I think we should all share our sightings and escapades more often:
I have not been exercising or frequenting my gym for many months now, and given that I am a white boy who is slowly drifting towards middle age, my shape has become ’saggy’ to say the least. Anyway, I finally plucked up the resolve to attend my gym, which is on the outskirts of Leeds centre. It is a busy gym and I felt a bit silly as I walked through the upstairs section to the changing rooms. So much so that I decided I would ease myself back into this by simply going downstairs and enjoying a sauna/steam room/jacuzzi!
When I got down there, it was only moderately busy. But noticeably, there were only two girls. Both were amazing!!! The first was a stunning blonde, wearing a leopard print bikini and she was reclined, on her own, in the jazuzzi section. The second was a young looking petite babe, with dark blonde hair and wearing a really skimpy little bikini. I think it was light blue? Anyway, the second of the girls was in the larger area of still water connected to the jacuzzi, with her Man. Obviously, the Man was Black. He was a good looking young light skinned Black man, wearing designer glasses, and the young babe was all over him. As I watched, getting a tiny hard on at the sight, the door opened and a HUGE, muscular dark skinned Black man strolled into the jacuzzi room. I even noticed that the young babe’s eyes followed Him!! (Her boyfriend must have looked at her and thought ”Wow, my girl is such a black cock slut”!).
interracial sex story

Typically, the Man walked over to the sexy leopard clad blonde, and crouched by her position, chatting intimately with her for at least 3 minutes. I remember looking around and seeing all the white boys, sat on their own, just staring intermittently at the two beautiful girls in the room, both of whom were doting on the only two Black men in there!!
The Adonis then strolled into the sonarium room, which was otherwise empty. After 30 seconds, the sexy blonde got out of the jacuzzi and headed in to join Him. Oh wow. She was a perfect model-like figure. Glamour model at that! Her body was 11/10.
I left them alone in there for a minute, all the time watching the other young interracial couple continuing to frollick lustfully. And then I pulled myself out of the water and scurried into the sonarium to join the alpha ir couple.
I sat across from them, and listened to their flirty chat, stealing the occasional voyeuristic glance at their incredible physiques. I am not sure they were a couple, but they were clearly about to become one!
So as to assist in the process of her likely blacking as best I could, I set about becoming as pathetic as possible. I allowed my belly to heave outwards, making me seem heavily pregnant. I slumped my shoulders, which drew down my chest so that my growing man boobs hung obscenely over the top of my bulging stomach. And I dropped my head in a posi
tion of surrender. I sat there in silence listening to the pair discussing how they work so hard to maintain their perfect figures, and proclaiming that it has to be done.
At this juncture, I couldn’t help but plunge myself into sheer submissive humiliation. I turned my head towards these perfect beings, and slapped my fat belly saying ”It’s true, I haven’t been here for a year and look at me!”. The pair laughed. I still cling to the misconcenception that perhaps my fat looks worse to me and that, actually, I am a normal shape. But these two beautiful strangers, unlike my close family and friends, were not about to massage my ego. The Black man responded; ”Well mate, at least you’re here. It’s a start”! And the blonde replied; ”Yeah, you’ve got a long way to do but keep going!”. They both laughed, and I pathetically did the same, and continued my high pitched laugh for an unconfortable period after they had both ceased their derisory chuckles.
I looked down again, and caught sight of my ugly white body. Having spent the previous 30 seconds looking at the Black man’s huge muscular frame and the blonde’s soft, fit, curvy young body, I had almost forgotten how repulsive my chubby and inadequate white male body looked.
I sat there as the two of them made plans to meet that night in one of the City’s bars, and politely responded to their patronising words of encouragement as they left the sonarium together.
As the couple walked out of the room, drawing stares of sheer envy from the drooling white boys, I averted my gaze to the original young couple. Just in time to see them passionately kiss. My tiny dick was so hard, and yet because of it’s size, I felt comfortable in stepping out of the sonarium and walking past the room as I knew no-one would be able to see whether my penis was soft or hard. I felt useless.
Particularly because I knew why I was leaving. I wanted to catch one last sight of the beautiful interracial couple as they left the gym itself!
Alas, despite rushing through the changing rooms, and then sitting in my car for 37 minutes afterwards, they did not appear. I drove home, feeling dejected, but happy for the two beautiful girls I had been lucky enough to feast my beady little eyes on, as they enjoyed the company of their respective Black studs!

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