Wife and married girlfriends night out – sex story

HI all, My wife has just got back form a night out with a girl friend of hers. She told me that they were in a bar when 2 black guys approached them and they started chatting. My wife said that one of them was gorgeous and had started to flirt with him. The guys invited them to go to an Italian to get something to eat. They then went back to their house, where they paired off into diffent rooms. She didn’t go into too much detail about what happened in the room, but she told me that she sucked his big black cock so it was nice and haed, he licked her pussy and arse before giving her the best fuck that she has had this year. While she was telling me this, she allowed me to lick her freashly well fucked pussy.
God I love that womanmy cuckoldressmy cuckoldress

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2 Responses to “Wife and married girlfriends night out – sex story”

  1. love fuck you all nite

  2. I would love to see a hung black stud pound her into that mattress.