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Here is HotWifeH enjoying the benefits of wearing her HotWife Anklet. What a happy Slut she is!Slut Wearing HotWife Anklet

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My girlfriends sent me this pic during a weekend away with the girls & after she met hot black guy in a barcontact with rubbered up bbc

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Of course this hot fat slut doesn’t want all her relatives to find out that she is a black cock whore so she wears this mask. Her overexcited husband films amateur interracial porn with his home camera and you can enjoy that action!

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Louise just called me. (See her post below) She is at the hotel with him now. (he left to go get some ice for the champagne). He took her to supper and out for a few drinks. Per his instructions to her (she called me earlier today to tell me this) she wore her seamed nylons, opened toe/heel slings and tight clingy pants. She says he likes seeing her garter tabs through her pants and knowing that everyone can see that she has RFT nylons on and can see her seams when her pant legs ride up a bit. She told she brought several outfits for him but he wants the “schoolgirl” tonight which will be her short pleadted plaid skirt, white nylons, white bra, white panties and white garter belt. She had my buy the nylons for her several weeks ago and she bought the new panties and garterbelt just the other day.

She told me that the last time they were out, he tongued her to the most incredible orgasm she had ever had. She has also told me that his black cock in incredible thick. Their lovemaking sessions usually last 3 to 4 hours.My wife with new lover
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a ruthless yuppie was he
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Yvonne married him for his success

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she set out to pleasure herself
Yvonne wanted both her pleasure and his success
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