a ruthless yuppie was he
self centered is what he was
carrying for no one but himself
Yvonne married him for his success

then one day it came to be
not satisfied is what she was
she set out to pleasure herself
Yvonne wanted both her pleasure and his success
while her hubby was out of town
she met a Black Man and went down
no more white cock for me
addictd to Black is what i’ll be

every night while he was gone
she fucked and sucked her lover’s Black Bone
she became his whore
her life was no longer mundane or a bore

his hubby’s tiny white cock was no more
for only Black Dicks fucked this whore
her ass was branded when he returned
“Black Dick Only” had been burned

his face grew red, he was fighting mad
while he was gone his wife had been bad
“That tiny cock is your’s to beat,
I only pleasure myself with Big Black M E A T”

then he learned that fateful day
to keep his job he’s have to obey
his Black Boss control his wife
he now lived a cuckold life

it wasn’t long and he was happy to say
being a cuckold was the only way
to have a family and success
and to live a life of happiness

soon Yvonne had his boss Black Baby
“Mommy’s baby! Daddy’s maybe?”
this cliche rang true and he was proud
his wife fucked Blacks he cried aloud

he was now proud of his life
his Black Boss owned his wife
the whole thing had set him free
a cuckold is what he’ll be

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