Knocked Up But Back To Black

Hello guys. Been a while since I posted here. Some of you may know me some may not. My name is Seana, I’m a married white girl with a way out of control black cock desire! It pretty much started in high school. My mom was a single mom and I lived with her growing up. She too had a taste for black men. After starting high school it did not take long for mom to recruit me into the lifestyle (I was a very willing recruit ..VBEG!) and shortly after that we were pretty much tag teaming every eligible black guy in the complex. My school boyfriends at the time were all white and my вout of school or real boyfriends as I called them were all black. It was at this time I acquired my taste for hooking up with white guys then cheating my ass off on them with black guys lol! I was fucking hot! What can I say? It”s something I enjoy to this very day. So what was I talking about? Oh Yeah! Why I have not been around in a while! Well the rumors you may have heard are true! It was about a year and a half ago I was at an interracial gang bang in Miami. Shortly after that I found out I was knocked up! I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to full fill a life long dream of mine and decided to go ahead and have my very first interracial baby! Needless to say my mom was so proud! So I closed my internet porn site and gave up the non-stop sex, drugs and clubs! Well.. Maybe not the sex! But all is well and I am a now a new baby mama and as happy as I could be! I”m now finally getting into the interracial club and party sex scene again and wanted to share some of the photos with you. Have to work off that baby fat lol!

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  1. Hey you look very sexy..!