Sharing wife backfire

So I finally got my wife to have sex with a black guy after a year of convincing. She is a hot Italian lady with a big but and always gets hit on by black guys but never did one until now. Here’s the problem. Wife is not on birth control and neither one of them had a condom? Y would they not have a condom they don’t know each other? So they had sex and he came inside her. She does not want to take the morning after pil and is against abortions. Did she do this to get back at me for some reason ? I thought she was fucking with me at first but the inside of her underwear had cum on them. And all she said was it was either that or he wanted to cum in her mouth and she didn’t want. So I guess she would rather end up with a baby ? It’s only been 48 hours so the pil would still work any suggestions?Sharing wife backfireSharing wife backfireSharing wife backfireSharing wife backfireSharing wife backfire

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5 Responses to “Sharing wife backfire”

  1. It sounds like your wife wanted to fuck a black cock more than you thought. She wanted to do it from the first time you brought it up but didn’t want to sound like a slut. Your fault. When she starts spitting out black babies – you can dump her like the slut you made her become. Your stupid for even pushing her into it. No wonder she did this, your not a real man.

  2. i am not black but i am italian as well.i have a huge italian cock for her.

  3. hi its mike again.where r u guys situated.and does she like anal sex.r u both italian.this e-mail is good.forget about mikerizzo

  4. Sometimes it’s not about you. Seriously. If a young and sexual lady gets with a dominant, virile man who turns her on – what goes on between them can be very natural, instinctual and primal.

    Maybe she wants to be bred? Maybe he was so strong, or did and treated her just right that nature just ran it’s course.

    I have a feeling even if they had condoms, they wouldn’t have used them.

    Sex can be passionate and the things that power it can be subconscious. The reality of us really being just animals does take over sometimes and sometimes when the right mate who displays the right social value, who attracts her like no other, there’s nothing you’re going to do about it. She’s going to risk it, she’s going to take her chances, because in the end she really does want his baby.

    It doesn’t make her a slut. It makes her in touch with herself as a woman.

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