Pics of me..thanks for looking!

Trying to convince my husband to let me be with a black man… reply if interested. only serious inqueries please. Must enjoy curvy ladies – i am a bbs slut. Thanks

Pics of me..thanks for looking

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6 Responses to “Pics of me..thanks for looking!”

  1. Very interested; where are you?

  2. you look like my kind of woman…great body hope you mouth, pussy and ass loves black cock

  3. Hi dear sweet,i admire your determination…I really you to be my permanent wife forever and be enjoying your pussy…i guess your pussy gonna sweet.

  4. are limp white guys allowed to say shes beautiful?

  5. Very nice, my turn

  6. I know of a few wives with simular needs. I do know a few whom had affairs any way and made sure that the condom was used to bring home sample to sneek into the husbands salads and other food that did not cook the sprem. This was to get the Husband used to and desire for sperm in his system.
    It takes a while but ask around. I know some wives report results that are alarming. Does not make him gay but sure will make him want to eat cream pies from you pussy. My Ex did this to me, And I clean pussy like a MAD MAN
    Just fair to share