Africanization of three sexy white daughters

Working as an oil engineer in several African countries during the early 1970′s and also a few years later, I encountered many bizarre things but have not revealed them until recently. There are some things about Africa that have drawn little press and that are hidden from the American public.

One occasion happened when I went to a fellow employeeвs home to take him a contract. It was a bizarre setting in that there were five very black Africans seated on the chairs and sofa with Atkins’ two of his young blonde daughters sitting on several of their laps. I later found out that these men were from wealthy families and worked for the company that Atkins was employed by.

His wife, Joan, was seated next to one of the Africans with his arm around her shoulder as she was pouring drinks. Atkins, seemingly blushing, stood up and greeted me. “My apologies for interrupting on your meeting but Mr. Motambi gave me this contract to deliver to you,” I said. I could not help but notice that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time but none of them except for Atkins seem to acknowledge my presence. The Africans appeared high on something and were enjoying the blonde playthings wallowing in their laps.

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