Part 2 of Three white daughters Africanized

It was sunset and the lighting was a bit dim but the ongoing events were not. The oldest daughter, nineteen, was in the parlor slow dancing with a tall black African who had his hands on her bottom. The 18 year old daughter was sitting on the lap of a 40 something yr old African and his hand was under her sundress between her legs while his other hand was on her breast. She was kissing him passionately as she wiggled on his lap. It appeared that she may not have had panties on and his black cock was rubbing her loins. She was definitely enjoying the attention.

The youngest daughter whose age I could not determine, was sitting and facing another charcoal black African with her arms around his neck. Her dress covered his lap She was bobbling up and down as if he was seducing her. His back was at me and she faced me. Her eyes and mouth were wide open and it appeared that saliva was dripping from her lips. She kept muttering “no….please no. noooo.”

Atkins was apparently drunk and left the room. His wife was becoming more engaged with the black African sitting with her.

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