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drunk wife fuck my black mate all night

my wife got i bit drunk in the club no £5.00 to get my black mate pick er up i will take ye home iff you have a beer with me wen we get its ok jimtold me to take you put you to bed he sed i can get in with you it ok he sed you like big cock is that right jims no got big cock i no he no i have he sin mine he sed can he lend it to fuck with is mate sed i will be happy to fuck 4 you jim he wen she is drunk you will be ok she love that big cock i no she he got er in the and she supt sum more he give a smoke ov wead waky baky she cun not stand up so he tuke er to be he stript er to er bra and pants he was puting er ibed she sed he got is 2 figer in er pussy and figer fuck for 30 mini well she play with i s cock and suck him off she fucking hell jim it was well big 12/18 ins well thick to how is he goner get it up my pussy he new just how get me well wet then he stuck is bell end in sild it in out 5 time then sloly pusst it right up well hard it yelp like hell for 5 mini then it was well brill up downe up upupup yommmuymyyymmyy he was well likeing my TOTS i give him a TITY wank 4 a bit then he got is cock up a gen i sed ar you guner fuck me all night yes gail i hame till diner time i have get to go to the mosc to se aller i give up lot ov cum up ye pussy to gail i cuming back to fuck you gen is that ok iff jim sa yes it is he you ar a well good fuck jimsud be happy haveing you gailjim37d
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